Presto 01370 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker Review

Many pressure cookers tend to be manufactured in aluminum. However, the Presto 8-Quart stainless steel pressure cooker is, as its name suggests, made from stainless steel. The manufacturer’s recommended retail price for the pressure cooker is $109.99 although, if you purchase it online from Amazon, you will enjoy a 44% saving, being able to buy this pressure cooker for an economical $61.50 with free delivery if you are able to take advantage of Amazon’s Super Saver Shipping benefits.

Presto 01370 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

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As with many other heavy duty pressure cookers, this pressure cooker is sturdily built to withstand the pressures you would expect when your pressure cooker is fully operational. To maintain safety, the lid has been manufactured with an overpressure fitment, as well as a steam vent and a pressure indicator. It measures 17.4 x 11 x 10.5 inches. Overall, this pressure cooker, without content, weighs 10lbs. If shipping, however, you need to add an additional 1lb for packaging, resulting in the gross weight of the pressure cooker being 11lbs when packaged.

An additional benefit is the rack designed to fit inside the Presto 8-Quart stainless steel pressure cooker. This is a welcome addition supplied by the manufacturer, intended for steaming vegetables, to keep the food from coming into direct contact with the inside base of the pressure cooker that might cause the food to spoil the delicate flavor of many fruits and vegetables. In fact, when it comes to fruit and vegetables being canned, USDA recommends that the only really safe way of canning these foods is through the application of pressure canning. These recommendations extend to the process of canning all meats and poultry as well. This is due to all of these foods being low in acidity.

The manufacturer has provided this pressure cooker with a very generous 12-year warranty – an ideal indication of the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality and standard of the Presto 8-Quart stainless steel pressure cooker’s manufacture. One particular benefit incorporated into this pressure cooker’s design is the integral black plastic handles with their ergonomic design that enables the user to carry the pressure cooker in comfort and enhanced comfort – especially in view of these handles exhibiting stay-cool features, sufficiently sturdy to support the weight of both pressure cooker and contents safely.

When you initially purchase the Presto 8-Quart stainless steel pressure cooker you will find a manufacturer’s recipe booklet included in the packaged product. You will notice, when you leaf through the accompanying booklet, it contains 75 interesting and useful recipes as well as illuminating the times for cooking fresh meat and vegetables: fully cooked within just a few minutes! The pressure cooker makes an ideal contender and worthy addition to the tools in your kitchen.

One thing that always seems to concern prospective users of the Presto 8-Quart stainless steel pressure cooker is whether it is safe to use their stainless steel pressure cooker on different stoves or ranges. Although this information pertains to other stainless steel pressure cookers, this paragraph is specific to this pressure cooker. You can safely use the pressure cooker on any smooth-top ceramic cooker hob; any electric coil stove; as well as any gas stove. However, most pressure cookers are designed as non-magnetic.

Consequently, unless the pressure cooker contains the 7 figure model numbers described below, you cannot use your pressure cooker on any stoves that utilize the induction method of heating.  If your Presto 8-Quart stainless steel pressure cookercontains the following model numbers, the manufacturer has got around the problem of induction type ranges. Model numbers 0134106; 0136208; 0137001; 0137003; 0136705; 0136707 can all be used on any type of range or stove, including those that operate induction heating.