Kitchen Aid KMC4244SS Multi Cooker with Stir Tower


  • Flexible cooking options
  • Temperature Control From 110 to 450 degrees
  • 10 cooking modes


  • No pressure cooking
  • 4 Quart size
  • Cannot cook large meals

Kitchen Aid KMC4244SS Multi Cooker with Stir Tower is a multi cooker useful to cook a variety of dishes within minutes without losing nutrients and flavors.

This product works great for meatballs, risotto, and yogurt. This product is provided with a stir tower to stir, mix and flip the ingredients while cooking.

Temperature control and automatic warmer are built in functions of this device. It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean and maintain.

This is a great product which helps to make multiple meals in one vessel. But this is not a pressure cooker.

Product key features:

  • Kitchen aid multi cooker is provided with over 10 cooking methods with 4 step by step modes
  • Designed with even heat technology
  • It is a 4-quart cooking pot with coating and pour spout
  • It is a device exclusively made for multi-cooking
  • Temperature control is available from 110-450 degrees Fahrenheit and cooking timer is available up to 12 hours
  • You can choose from 3 constant speeds or 2 intermittent modes
  • It costs $399.94

Customer reviews:

This multi cooker got 29 customer reviews on

Most of the reviewers liked this product for its fast and flexible cooking. But this device does not support pressure cooking.

This device works great for making soups and yogurt and multiple meals with the help of various predefined utilities.

This is an excellent multi cooker which helps to reduce cooking time and energy. This serves great as a multi-tasking meal maker.

Most of the customers appreciate this product as an amazing one.

The demerits of this product are it is only a 4-quart cooking aid and we cannot roast large quantities of veggies and meats at a time.

Kitchen Aid KMC4244SS Multi Cooker with Stir Tower

Some of the customers felt that the stir tower is a confusing part. Some of the reviewers say that it is just a common cooking aid as this device does not support pressure cooking.

This product got customer review ratings of 4.3 out of 5 stars on

To conclude, this product got a remarkable negative response as it does not support pressure cooking and confusing utilities even though most of the customers are satisfied by its fast and multi-tasking performance. Practical defects are the big faults for this product.