Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7 Program Electric Pressure Cooker 6 Quart

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7 Program Electric Pressure Cooker 6 Quart is a multi-usage efficient device released in IP-LUX multi cooker series designed especially to meet the requirements of Canadians.

This multi cooker allows you to prepare your favorite dishes at a push of a button. This multi cooker allows you to delay cooking up to a period of 24 hours.

This product assures safe and easy to clean methods as it is made of high cooking grade stainless steel.

The following are functions of this multi cooker:

  1. pressure cooker
  2. slow cooker
  3. rice cooker
  4. steamer
  5. sauté/browning
  6. yogurt maker
  7. warmer

Separate buttons for the following utilities in this multi cooker:

  1. Soup
  2. Meat/stew
  3. Bean/chili
  4. Poultry
  5. Porridge
  6. Multigrain
  7. Slow cook
  8. Steam cooking
  9. Keep warm
  10. Yogurt maker and pasteurize
  11. Jiu Niang

This multi cooker helps to boil porridge, baby potatoes, corn, carrots and green peas within 4-7 minutes.

This device can bake potatoes within 12 minutes and can poach eggs within 2-3 minutes.

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7 Program Electric Pressure Cooker 6 Quart

This product adds consistency and health to your cooking in faster ways. It does not leave any residues and non-sticky while frying. It assures no spoiling and no overcooking as preset functions are provided.

Product key features:

  • Instant pot 7-in-1 programmable electric pressure multi cooker is released from IP-LUX series and is provided with 7 functionalities and 14 built-in cooking functions with separate buttons for each utility.
  • Interior and exterior are designed of high cooking grade steel
  • Cleared UL certification safety tests to assure high-quality safety
  • 6quart/1200w
  • Designed with latest 3rd generation technology whose functions are monitored by specially programmed microprocessors
  • Provided with stainless steel cooking pot and steel exterior and manual consisting of recipe guide and operating instructions

This cooker got 11,181 customer reviews on

This product has an excellent fan base and online community support for its beautiful design, functions and safe mechanisms which assure safe usage, easy to clean surface which is fingerprint proof and comes with handles convenient for both left handed and right handed people.

This is a lovable product adored by most of the customers who wanted to replace their conventional stove top pressure cooker. This cooker is considered as a great one to its worth by most of the users.

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7 Program Electric Pressure Cooker 6 Quart

This is a convenient one for bachelors for its safe and fast usage and warming utility for a long time.

This cooker is regarded as a good looking product for its style and multi-tasking by most of the tech reviewers and food lovers.

One of the customers remarked that this multi cooker helps to cook all types of stuff including beef and pork at one push of a button.

Some customers siad that this product cannot make soya milk yogurt in perfect taste. This may be a negative point in the view of purist reviewers.

This product got 4.7 out of 5 stars customer review rating.

To conclude, the multicooker is a great product for its easy care, easy use, no spoilage of food and many more merits.

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