Fagor 918060796 Duo 10-Quart Pressure Cooker Review

If you need to simmer fruits or vegetables, the Fagor Duo 10- Quart Pressure Cookerwill come in handy and handle all this in an energy saving and appropriate manner. The foods that you make with the pressure cooker are healthy since the nutritional value such as vitamins and minerals are not lost with the vapor that might evaporate when cooking from a pan that has a lid that is not tightly placed.


This amazing pressure cooker is made of 18/10 stainless steel which guarantees durability. This is why the pressure cooker comes with a 10 year warranty from the manufacturer. It also employs a spring mechanism that brings forth two kinds of pressure settings; there is the low which is of 8psi as well as the high that is of 15psi. When releasing and evaluating the right pressure, you will not have problems since the pressure cooker comes equipped with a visual pressure indicator and an automatic pressure release position as well.

With the instructions manual, operating the pressure cooker will be an easy task. To assist you further so you can come up with the best meals that are rich in vitamins, you would also get a recipe book. It has some delicious recipes of some of the common foods that you can prepare to perfection using this cooker. In total, it has 50 recipes of delicious delicacies.

Pressure cooker dimensions

Capacity: 10Qt

Diameter: 10”

Height: 8.0”

Handle length: 5.5”

Weight: 7.0lbs


When washing the pressure cooker, you should have in mind that the lid can only be hand washed but the pot is suitable for machine wash. For your safety and precaution, the pot is said to come with a safety lock at the lid that will prevent the lid from opening until the pressure in the pot is fully released. The gauge that is used in the making of the pot is of great quality and heavy duty which makes such that the pot cannot break or burst due to pressure or excess heat.

Why the Pressure pot

There are many reasons for you to have Fagor Duo 10- Quart Pressure Cooker among your kitchen appliances. Some will lure you into having it and use it in almost all of your kitchen cooking.  I have made a small list below. Check this out.


  • Energy saving
  • Retains nutritional value of foods
  • Easy to operate
  • Great price
  • Good safety system

Where to get it

If you need to get the best pressure cooker at the best rate, you can get it online, and visiting amazon.com would be the right place to get it. The pressure cooker is offered at a discounted rate which also leads to free fast shipping. These pressure cooker manufacturers have a range of other pressure cooker items. The Fagor Manufacturers came up with this pressure cooker and are considered to be great in this.

Many people who started using their products are satisfied with what they got, and also with the features that are incorporated in their items. In addition to the accessories that come along with it, Fagor Duo 10- Quart Pressure Cooker has a stainless steel steamer with basket trivet.


The Fagor Duo 10- Quart Pressure Cooker offers the best when it comes to offering quick ways to complete your cooking endeavor. If you’re new to the world of pressure cookers, this could be your ideal pressure cooker kit.