Fagor 918013142 Futuro Pressure Cooker Review

Pressure cookers fulfill far more as kitchen utensils than meet the eye. As an example, the Fagor Futuro Pressure Cookers are all designed along energy-saving lines. In fact, Fagor, the company that makes the Futuro Pressure Cookers participate in the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as energy stars supplied to products that fulfill the criteria laid down by the Department of Energy.

This criteria ensures that the products awarded energy stars are energy-efficient and the relevant manufacturers maintain energy-saving practices that are intended to protect the environment overall while saving the owner of the product money when being used in the kitchen. In fact, the manufacturers estimate that use of the Fagor Futuro Pressure Cookers will save buyers of this product up to 70% with respect to ordinary methods of cooking.

Stainless steel pressure cookers are, overall, vastly more durable than their stainless steel counterparts. This is reflected in the long warranty period offered by the manufacturers, often warranties of 10 years or longer. However, this benefit of stainless steel over aluminum is offset against the higher cost of purchasing any pressure cooker manufactured from stainless steel. Nevertheless, paying this additional purchase price is more than worth it and, if you can afford it, buying stainless steel would certainly be a better choice.

The manufacturer’s recommended retail price is $139.99 but, for those purchasers who buy it online from Amazon, they save around 18%, being able to buy it for $114.10. For those buyers who are eligible for the Super Saver Shopping option, delivery is free. The internal dimensions of the Fagor Futuro Pressure Cooker is 9.5 inches by 8.4 inches by 13.5 inches. It weighs 9lbs, although you would need to add an additional 1lb or so if you intend to ship this pressure cooker elsewhere.

As with all Fagor kitchen products, these pressure cookers are designed to be safe for the user to handle and vastly energy efficient. Using this 6 quart Fagor Futuro Pressure Cooker in cooking food will ensure as much as 50% more nutrients from the food are preserved, partly as a result of the greatly reduced cooking time and partly due to the fact that food being cooked in a pressure cooker is often cooked without additional fluids, oils and sauces. There is no need as the food cooks in its own juices, preserving its own natural taste.

They are manufactured in strong and durable 18/10 stainless steel. Pressure cookers made from stainless steel are far better than those made from aluminum which can taint the food and quickly becomes discolored from those foods that contain even small quantities of naturally-occurring acid.

When you purchase this amazing pressure cooker you will also find that a stainless steel basket is included. This has been designed to fit inside the pressure cooker and is an ideal place for vegetables to be cooked alongside the meat. An additional use for this steaming basket is as a grater – it is particularly efficient at grating cheese! Along with the steamer basket, the Fagor Futuro Pressure Cookers come complete with its own cookbook, entitled ‘Tastefully Under Pressure’. This recipe book provides an eclectic selection of 90 recipes for you to try out and a new pressure cooker with plenty of features of its own to keep you occupied when you are not actively cooking.