Fagor 670041960 Lux 8 quart Multicooker silver


  • Ease of cleaning
  • Removable ceramic pot
  • PFOA free and FDA safe


  • Lock
  • Gaskit
  • Occasional odour

Fagor 670041960 Lux 8 quart Multicooker silver

Fagor 670041960 Lux 8 quart Multicooker silver is a one pot multi-meal vessel provided with additional assist functions like brown and saute, simmer, steam cooker, warmer, yoghurt maker. It serves the purposes of electric cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yoghurt maker and all in one.

It can be operated in high-pressure cooking mode up to 99 minutes and slow cooking mode up to 10 hours and time delay is provided up to 6 hours. We can add ingredients in the morning and wait and dinner will be ready. It preserves the nutritional values and thickens the sauces without boiling away the cooking liquid.

This cooker is useful to cook multiple meals for a family in one pot. This device is provided with a blue colour finished vessel which is dishwasher safe and free from FDA. This product is useful to save 70 percent of the cooking time in comparison to traditional methods.

Ensures warm food until the unit is shut off. We can cook a whole chicken, and all types of rice with provided separate functions for cooking brown rice, white rice and risotto within minutes.

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Product features:

  • Finished in stainless steel with silver colour and volume of 8 quart
  • Provided with a blue removable ceramic cooking vessel which is dishwasher safe, PFOA free and FDA safe.
  • Uses regular household 110-10v 1000-1100w of power
  • Provided with recipe guide and removable ceramic cooking pot
  • dimensions 16X13X13 in inches
  • Easy to use and clean
  • It costs $149.35

Fagor 670041960 Lux 8 quart Multicooker silver

The functionalities of this multi cooker are as follows:

Pressure cooking:
Reduces cooking time up to 70 percent and cooks risotto in less than 10 minutes, chicken stock in 30 minutes and cheesecake in 25 minutes. In pressure cooking mode, low and high cooking option up to 99 minutes is available.

Slow cooking:
A slow cooking mode is provided up to 10 hours. Classics such as stew, pot roasts, soups can be prepared in a single pot using this device.

Rice cooking:
Provided with three separate functions for cooking brown rice, white rice, risotto

Yoghurt maker:
We can pasteurise milk and incubate yoghurt safely in one pot. We can make greek yoghurt also using this product.

Additional cooking functions of this product are as follows:

Brown and sauté:
We can brown and sauté veggies and fish before cooking using this function without the fear of over browning.

Useful to extract flavours without boiling away cooking liquid and deepens sauces

Useful to steam cook vegetables and fish besides preserving nutrients

Keep warm:
A warm function of 12 hours is available until the unit is shut off.

Time delay:
A time delay is provided up to 6 hours.

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Fagor 670041960 Lux 8 quart Multicooker silver

Customer reviews:
135 customer reviews are available for this multi cooker on amazon.com.

This product is impressive by its easy and safe use and cleaning. The customers choose this product as a one pot multi-meal maker for a family of four.

Most of the customers like this product for its multiple benefits and consider this product as an excellent gift item.

Some of the demerits of this cooker are if the lid is open it gets difficult to lock, aluminium silicon gasket is not perfectly fitting to the device and emits some odour while cooking. Another negative aspect is the poor response to the customer queries.

Customer review rating for this product is 4.3 out of 5 stars.

To conclude, this fagor lux multi cooker got a considerable positive response by the customers for multiple applications and easy operation and cleaning, with a negligible number of demerits.