Best wireless router Reviews and Buying Guide


Customers who look for the best wireless router, they search for the wireless router that can provide longer connectivity. There are plenty of options available in the market that suit the need of the customers. People need these for different reasons. Some look for the wireless routers that can enhance their gaming experience at their home. Some others look for the routers that can provide connectivity to their gaming console and wireless TV. In many cases people need wireless routers for accessing internet in their homes and offices. The articles lay out all the possibilities pertaining to the wireless routers available in the market.

 2.Top 5 wireless router reviews

This section is dedicated to the best wireless router review.

Netgear R6300v2 Smart WiFi Router

2.1. Netgear R6300v2 Smart WiFi Router review

Netgear R6300v2 Smart WiFi Router supports windows 8. It can provide a transfer speed of 1300 mbps. It supports the USB 3.0 port. The speed of the router is 10 times faster than the hard drive. It can support dual bandwidth of 2.4 and 5 GHZ at the same. Here below are the basic features of the wireless router.

Ease of use

The router comes with an app called Netgear genie app that you can install in your computer for easy access of the network. Through this app you can connect the router with any of your PDAs. You just need to push a button to switch on the router. It saves a lot of power consumption with easy switch on and off features.

Performance and usage

The wireless router can provide connectivity to any homes with supported WiFi 450 and 1300 MBPS speed. It is well equipped to connect to 12 wireless devices at a time. The brand provides an app name Netgear genie that enables better connectivity of devices with the router.

WiFi Speed and wireless range

This router is touted to be the world’s fastest WiFi router. It uses the Gigabit WiFi technology. You can attain the WiFi speed of 450 plus 1300 Mbps with the router. This router suits any types of HD video game consoles. The wireless range of the router can cover the area beyond your home.

Reliable connections

The simultaneous dual band feature of the router enables better connectivity without allowing any interference from the external sources. It has advances QoS that optimizes the connectivity of the device for HD streaming. The beam-forming technology of the device enhances the speed, reliability of the connections and reach of the wireless connections.

Ease of sharing

It is integrated with DLNA media server that helps you to find any TV and game consoles to enhance your gaming experience. You can share this router with hard drives as it has a feature called ReadyShare USB. The Ultraspeed 3.0 USB integrated with the router enables speed ten times faster than the contemporary USBs. You can also share a printer with the router.

Security features

The router is enabled with live parental controls to filter out all the websites that you wish your children not to access. It has separate guest access feature that protects you from data malfunction. It has WPA and WPA2 to enable secure wireless server.

2.2. Netgear Nighthawk R7000 Dual Band WiFi Router review

Unlike the previous one, this wireless router is equipped with 600 plus 1300 mbps speed. It makes use of 1GHZ dual core processor which is the first ever in the market. It has Beamforming features along with improved ranges. It makes use of high powered amplifiers and antennas to improve the range of coverage of the router. The router comes with detachable antennas that you can use whenever you wish to and disconnect when they are not in use.

Ease of use

Like the above router, this router can be made operational with the Netgear genie app. You can connect the router with all of your smartphones, ipads and other devices by using the app. Easy push button makes it easy to switch on the router. This saves a lot of your daily power consumptions.


It has Gigabyte speed of up to 600 plus 1300 mbps speed.


Like the previous one, this router can be used to connect to any media server through DLNA media server for finding games. You can share this router with your printer and hard drive to have an access speed of ten times faster than the usual. ReadyShare vault feature enables automatic backup of data in your PC. The time machine feature enables automatic backup of data for your Mac device.

Connections and range

Simultaneous dual band, Advanced QoS and beamforming are the features that enable reliable connections with the router. There three antennas that enhance the range of the router beyond your home.


It has VPN support to fully secure your home network. It has parental control and guest access features that are common to any router. Open source support of the router helps you to download any software from open source servers. You can create a customized FTP server with this device by using the personal FTP server feature.


The features described above enable the router to be used for your better gaming experiences. You can stream any HD quality videos by using the router. It can be connected to any mobile devices to achieve the top speed.

2.3. Linksys EA4500 Dual-Band Wireless-N Router review

This router belongs to the EA family of Linksys wireless router. You can access your mobile device by using the router. You can have broadband connection at your home by using the device. You can open a guest account by using the router to limit unidentified access to your network. You can switch on parental controls to restrict you kids from accessing unwanted websites. This is enabled with great speed to allow easy streaming of HD quality videos.

Set up

You don’t need to be tech savvy to set up this router. You need to have internet connection for linking this router with all of your devices. This device comes with an app that can connect to your PC, ipad, smartphones and many more. It is a 15 minutes job at maximum.


The router can enable you to achieve a speed of 450 Mbps. With this mentioned speed range you can achieve a speed of 25 mbps as compared to its counter parts. The router is available with three speed specifications. The three speed specifications are 10 mbps, 100 mbps and 1000 mbps.


With a speed of up to 450 + 1000 mbps, this router can cover up to a range of 1600 square feet. The walls of your house may not create hindrance for the range of the router.

Dual band and FTP server

The router makes use of dual band that helps you to achieve the mentioned speed. You can create your own FTP server by using the router. To extent the wireless range of the device you can use the router as a repeater.

2.4. Asus RT-AC66U Dual-Band Wireless Router review

This is the 5th generation dual-band WiFi router from the brand. The router works on the platform names Aicloud. The router can have a speed of up to 1.75 GBps. The dual-band router works on dual band frequencies of 2.4 and 5 GHZ simultaneously. With all the features enabled the router achieves three times faster speed than that of the previous models. RT-AC66U is a feature that enables easy streaming of HD quality video floating on the internet. AiRadar offers enhanced performance of the router by increasing the range of the device.


It has six network keys for setting up guest networks with both the frequencies that it is enabled to work with. The QoS feature of the helps you to manage all the devices connected with the router. You can easily activate parental control features in the device.

USB utilities and sharing

You can use the USB port to access internet through the router. You can share your PDAs with the router for accessing DLNA media center. You can make use of the FTP server feature to create a separate workgroup of your own.


This feature enables you to connect with various cloud servers on the internet. You download games from Google play and many other cloud networks. This feature enables you to access data even if your computer is switched off.

 2.5. ASUS RT-N66U review

With dual frequency bands of 2.4 and 5 GHZ, the router can provide you speed of up to 900 Mbps. With Ethernet ports you can have the internet connections with this router. The download master feature of the router enables you to store data on the wireless network. You can also access date from all USB connected devices by using the same feature. The product is available with detachable antennas to extent the range of wireless connections. The router is integrated with USB ports that enable printer, 3G and file sharing.

Speed and range

The router can achieve a speed of 4Gbps for all LAN connections and 1gbps for all WAN connections. It has two transmitters that enable dual frequency bands. There are two integrated USB ports for file sharing and printer sharing. It has three adjustable antennas, 256 Mb RAM and unique cooling features.

Dual band, connectivity, and set up

RTN66U is the unique feature of ASUS that helps the functioning of the router with two frequencies. AiRadar feature enables strong wireless connections for all the wireless devices. You can easily set up the router by opening the browser of your mobile devices.

Easy to use

ASUWART dashboard makes it easy for you to control all the function of the device. It has all the security features to help you use the router securely. The download master feature of the router enables you to download any file from the remote server located on the internet.

3.Types of wireless router

Basically there are two types of wireless routers. Those are single band wire router and dual band wireless router. There are two frequency bands basing on which wireless routers work.

Single band wireless router

A wireless router is called single band when it makes use of 2.4 GHZ bandwidth for its operation. The router is prone to interference when it is operated with the frequency mentioned above. When the router is operated with 5 GHZ frequency band, it is less likely to encounter interference.

Dual band wireless router

A dual band wireless router makes use of two bandwidths which are 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ. These routers come with options called single radio and Dual radio. When single radio is activated the router works with either of the two frequencies mentioned above. When dual radio option of the router is activated, the router works with both the frequencies simultaneously.

4.How to choose the best wireless router  2016

A router is an important device that enables connectivity of various devices in your house or office. Before you go to choose a wireless router, you should read the best wireless router review given in various websites over the internet. Here is a guide on how to choose the best wireless router for your office or home.

  • Focus on the strength of the device

Choose those routers which have passed real time test of overcoming all the hurdles that come in their way while transmitting the signals.

  •  Speed

The speed of the routers is measured in megabit per second. As per different standards, the speed limit has been expended up to 1300 mbps.

  •  Equipment types

You can choose a router by reading the best router review in various trustworthy websites. From there you can get information on the devices types.

  •  Compatibility issues

This is one of the most relevant factors that govern what kind of device you are going to buy. You need to make a real time check of the router by connecting the router with your network. You can’t blindly get a router and install in your office or home.


Choosing the best wireless router can be daunting task for you. Here is a comprehensive router buying guide for you. To make it easy for you, you need to go through the best wireless router review mentioned in the guide. Apart from that, you can follow various buying guides to ensure full compatibility of the router with your home or office network.