ASUS (RT-AC68U) Wireless-AC1900 Dual-Band Gigabit Route Review

ASUS (RT-AC68U) Wireless-AC1900 Dual-Band Gigabit Router

Internet usage has seen a drastic increase in the recent years. This can be attributed to the demand that comes with surfing the net. With this increase, a wide range of routers have been developed and released in the market. The ASUS Wireless Dual-Band Router is one of the most commonly used routers. The following are its features, advantages and disadvantages.

This router can download and upload information at speeds of 1900 Mbps. Over 1300 Mbps can be easily used over a 5G network. In situations where the user is in a region of poor internet connectivity, the router can still be used since it supports 600 Mbps over 2.4 G networks. The router is also fitted with Broadcom TurboQAM technology which helps in speeding up the internet connectivity to speeds of 600 Mbps which is equivalent to 33% boost. This high speeds makes the router ideal for large file transfer as well fast and clear live video streaming.
The Router has a variety of ports which supports different connectivity cables. For instance, it has a 1 Gigabit WAN port which facilitates more storage and cloud connectivity.

It also has 4 Gigabit LAN ports for advanced and simplified sharing among 4 different users. A USB 2.0 supports 3G and 4G dongle sharing is present.

This feature facilitates the attachment of a printer for much simplified printing options. A USB 3.0/1 allows the user to connect their flash disks to the router for file sharing.
It uses a wireless connectivity type of 5.8GHz Radio Frequency. This type of frequency not only facilitates fast internet connectivity but also prevents jamming and delays which maybe encountered with the internet provider.
Its WIFI connectivity coverage options are made faster by the presence of AiRadar which has Beam forming technology.

A Dual-Core processor facilitates fast and responsive connectivity with WIFI, USB devices as well as Ethernet.
Sharing and storing your files via Cloud connectivity is facilitated by the presence of the AiCloud.

This feature not only facilitates the safe storage of files online but also enhances sharing of multimedia files with Smartphone’s from an outside network.
Connecting the router to tablets, personal computers and Smartphone’s is made easy and possible by enhanced ASUSWRT interface which is well spread and perfectly labeled.
The router works perfectly with various Operating Systems such as Windows 7,8, Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional Mac X, Panther Mac OS X and Leopard Mac OS X 10.7 just to name a few.


This router is super fast and recommended for large file transfers and cloud connectivity.
It’s highly compatible with various Operating Systems which make it the best choice to many internet users. 
It’s extremely easy to set up the router due to a well simplified and labeled interface. 
It’s a wireless router hence the user doesn’t have to be worried about dropping it down after accidentally tripping on it wires.


The router cannot be mounted against a wall.
It also has no parental control options.

Price and Conclusion

Retailing at only $199.26, this router is the best in the current market and anybody willing to experience super fast internet connectivity should consider the ASUS Wireless Dual-Band Router.