All American 921 21-1/2 Quart Pressure Cooker Review

The All American Company produces the Model 921, a 211/2 quart pressure cooker with the list price of $362.00. However, if you buy this product, the All American 921 211/2 quart pressure cooker, from Amazon you can expect to pay just $199.99 which, when taken with the Super Saver Shipping option, will provide you with a whopping 45% saving on the manufacturer’s list price.

This USA produced pressure cooker stands 153/8 inch in height. Its 121/4 inch interior diameter enables this 211/2 quart pressure cooker to hold a maximum of 7 quart jars for canning purposes. This equates to 19 pint jars. The external measurements are 16 x 15 x 17. The overall weight of the pressure cooker is 20lbs although, when packaged for shipping, you need to take into account the extra weight of packaging, resulting in the shipping weight equating to 24lbs.

Whilst on the subject of the weight of this All American 921 211/2 quart pressure cooker, however, you need to be aware that this 20lbs is its empty weight. If you work on the childhood rhyme that ‘a pint of pure water weighs a pound and a quarter’, bearing in mind that there are 4 pints per quart, you are looking into a content weight of around 5lbs/quart – plus the 20lb weight of the empty pressure cooker – you will need to remember to position the pressure cooker on the stove prior to filling it unless, of course, you have biceps of solid muscle!

A particular benefit of the All American 921 211/2 quart pressure cooker is in its design which does away with a separate gasket. These gaskets often wear and tend to stretch through extensive use. The fact that the pressure cooker has been manufactured with a unique sealing system based specifically on a ‘metal-to-metal’ design is a particularly beneficial innovation. Once sealed, the pressure cooker has pressure gauge settings, or geared steam gauges, that include 5, 10, and 15 psi. Settings are based on the amount of pressure per square inch, which is the meaning of psi.

To ensure safety being maintained under pressure, the All American 921 211/2 quart pressure cooker features an integral automatic overpressure release. It reveals a particularly appealing appearance, with a lovely satin finish to the hand-cast aluminum metal that ensures this particular model, the All American 921 211/2 quart pressure cooker, is sufficiently durable to match up to the amount of pressure this pressure cooker needs to be able to cope with when in use.

The term ‘industrial strength’ comes to mind for this pressure cooker is a particularly heavy duty product, ideally suited to producing a sufficiently high heat for processing fruit and vegetables prior to canning. It is with this purpose in mind that the All American 921 211/2 quart pressure cooker has been designed in such a sturdy manner, from its absence of plastic or rubber gaskets to the strength of the screws that secure the lid in place, as well as the side clips and the triple settings of its pressure regulator valve and automatic overpressure release valve to ensure safety is maintained during pressurization.